David Boreanaz Facts You Didnt Know About Bones Star David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz facts you don't know are listed here. See what the "Bones" actor shares with fans.

Curious about any facts you may not know about "Bones" star, David Boreanaz?  Boreanaz, 40, stars on the hit show "Bones" which airs Thursdays on Fox.  He portrays Special Agent, Seeley Booth and directed the show's 100th episode, which aired April 8. He also directed another "Bones" episode called "The Bones that Foam."  David has been the executive producer of "Bones" since its third season.

Boreanaz is best known for his portrayal as Angel on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."  Earlier in his career, he starred as Kelly's biker boyfriend in an episode of "Married...with Children."

A lot about his acting background is available, but what facts are there about David Boreanaz you don't know?  US Magazine, April 12, 2010 issue had some entertaining facts about Boreanaz you'll enjoy learning. 

Facts You Didn't Know about David Boreanaz

"When I moved to LA, I slept on a couch in a downtown loft for a while."

"I used to be a towel boy at Plush Gym.  Job lasted two weeks."

"I was a ball boy for the Pittsburg Steelers in high school."

"I once sold gourmet food door-to-door.  I locked my keys in the truck after my sale.  Job lasted a week."

"In college I used to tell bouncers I was Ted Danson's son.  I always got into the bar."

"I once drove an NYC cab for 2 blocks."

"I used to sneak into studios circa '91, in a suit and pretend I was an executive while passing out resumes."

"I want to bottle my own wine."

"I read magazines back to front."

"When I was a little boy, my older sisters told me if I didn't behave, the child services woman would come take me away.  And our babysitter dressed up as an old lady and came to the door to get me 'as a joke.'"

"On spring break, I did back-flips in shark-infested waters.  Yes, I was drunk and stupid."

"My Dad and I once drove cross-country and started every morning looking for pancakes."

"I was a Deadhead in college."

"My first car was a white Yugo.  I tipped it over more than once."

Thanks, David Boreanaz, for sharing facts we didn't know about you.  Sounds like you hold down a job better being an actor.  Maybe because you found your niche.  You think?

Source:  US Magazine, April 12, 2010 Issue



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