Homer Simpson: Pop Culture Icon Part Three of Three of "The Simpsons" Review

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Though he has many shortcomings that are shared by society he also shows the potential to rise to greatness for short stints on occasion. Homer has lived the American Dream many times over.

Though he has many shortcomings that are shared by society he also shows the potential to rise to greatness for short stints on occasion. Homer has lived the American Dream many times over. His lovable dopiness resonate with people that deal with similar events to lesser extents in their own lives. He has been to rock and roll camp with the Rolling Stones. He has been to the moon with Buzz Aldrin.

Homer has designed his own car to the creature comforts he desires. He has been to clown college and played softball with professional greats. He has been the boss of his own company and sat at tables with all of the town figures.

Homer also has interacted with many of the great pop culture icons from George Bush senior to Bill Clinton. He has met entertainers and athletes and been unaware of many of the fugures he has come into contact with.

At home he is a devoted husband to his wife though he has been tempted by many wen by passing interests and attractions. He always ends up coming home to his wife and kids who he loves even with the occasional sense of resentment or doubt. He works hard to clothe and feed his family.

References to the character Homer Simpson are found worldwide as he has been syndicated and translated into multiple languages and culture. The French recently discovered a scientific correlation between brain function and weight index over 20 that they have dubbed “Homer Simpson Syndrome”. In 2009 the Simpsons received their own mail stamp from the United States Postal Service. Homer opened the sixth season of American idol and has performed in the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Homer seeks approval despite his brief glimpses of fame. After not receiving the worker of the week award at work, Homer feels unappreciated, even though he hasn’t done any work. Even when Homer is chosen by NASA to join a space mission simply because he is just like the everyday men that are depicted on TV. He hopes that by doing this he will win the respect of the people around him.

Evidence of Homer’s impact is visible in thousands of products modeled after him from eating utensils and plates to shirts and countless other collectibles. The new Simpsons ride at Universal Studios is the latest creation identifying Homer’s ongoing impact in society and popularity. The Simpsons pink glazed donut which is Homer’s favorite is even sold at many 7-Eleven stores nationwide. His trademark “d’oh” phrase has even been added to the New Oxford Dictionary since 2001. TV Guide viewers even voted him the second greatest television character ever. He has a star on the Hollywood walk of fame and is universally noticeable. The Simpsons video game has sold millions and comic books have been in production since the early 1990’s. Overall Homer Simpson has become part of pop culture by reflecting it for decades.

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