Jake Harris Son of the Late Captain Phil Harris Jailed

Son of Captain Phil Harris jailed. Late captain's son is jailed on DUI.

According to the New York Daily News and People.com and TMZ.com on February 21st, the oldest son of Captain Phil Harris was arrested for DUI after his BMW 3 Series that was registered to this father was seen driving erratically in Shoreline, Washington. It was then discovered that he crashed his car and left the scene of the accident by rear ending another occupied vehicle earlier that day and was driving with a suspended license. He refused to take a toxicology test but failed a field sobriety test and was being held on $2000 bail.

While we were honoring Captain Phil by watching the fifteen hour Deadliest Catch marathon on Discovery Channel on Saturday and Sunday, Jake was in jail after he was most likely drowning his sorrows upon the death of his dear father. The marathon of Deadliest Catch featured a picture of Captain Phil in the lower right hand corner of the screen during the entire fifteen hours of viewing along with the years of his birth and death under the picture. During several commercial breaks, there were also scenes of Phil and his boys in a memorial sequence showing him as a captain, a father and a friend. I admit I had a tear or two in my eyes during as much of the marathon as I could watch while staying with my grandchildren over the weekend. The marathon featured season four during the time that Phil had his first problems with his health. It was believed that he had broken ribs from a fall while resting in his bunk during a very rough sea when a rogue wave hit the boat, but he started coughing up blood soon after that and continued to fight it off. Finally he called a hospital in Alaska and they advised him to get in there as soon as possible. Upon further tests, it was determined that he had a blood clot. When he called the Cornelia Marie during his stay in the hospital to tell them what had happened, he explained that a blood clot went through his heart and into his lung which could have caused his death.

After being away from his fishing vessel the Cornelia Maria for nearly two seasons, Phil finally returned to captain his boat. During an offload in Dutch Harbor during opilio season, Phil had a stroke and was medivaced to Anchorage while the Cornelia Marie returned to the Bering Sea without Phil and his two sons. Phil underwent a twelve hour operation to relieve the pressure in his brain and put in a medically induced coma to give his brain a chance to heal. Once he woke up, he was feisty old Phil dropping many of his trademark cuss bombs and seeming like he would be once again back from the brink of death. But sadly it was not to be and our dear friend Phil passed away on February 9th.

So hopefully Jake will straighten himself out, for the sake of his dad and carry on in his father’s footsteps and be the guy his dad could be proud of. As of now, we do not know what is next for the Cornelia Marie, but rest assured that I will be awaiting any news and share it gladly with all Phil’s fans. Rest in peace, my dear friend!





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