Movie Review: The Call - Starred by Halle Berry

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Halle Berry and Abigail Breslin as the two main characters in this movie have acting very nicely as per the portion of each. This movie is not really challenging for her acting ability more than just yelling and fear alone. I'm still waiting for the movie

The career of Halle Berry was going nowhere, even we can call it as retroactively, after playing in X-Men: The Last Stand in 2006. Since the release of the X-Men, Halle Berry never again make a movie that could create an over 100 Million US dollar. Even she had disappeared from circulation for several years. She did comeback to the big screen with several ensemble roles such as New Year's Eve, Cloud Atlas, and Movie 43, but everything was not successful. With the diminishing of her popularity among her fans, can she be able to lift this movie into a drama thriller that among the "above average" rating?

Very often when watching Hollywood movies and TV series, we look at the phone number 911 is pressed to inform the police about the adverse events that occurred. 911 Indeed, it is a phone number for emergency events. Jordan Turner is an operator for the 911 channels. Her daily activity is to take care of emergency situations ranging from the false call like a drunken push the wrong number to the serious case like death threats. One time, she made a mistake during instruction and causing the death of the caller. So it truly hits Jordan and she decided to retreat from the field. She decided to be a teacher for the next generation of 911 operators.

After six months passing by, the fate brought Jordan back on the phone line when an abduction occurs and the victim is a teenage girl who called 911 named Casey. After she finds out that the junior operator is not ready to handle such situation, she decided to handle the call. While wrestling with the guilt of her past, could Jordan save the life of the victim this time? Or is another failure pushed her into the edge of her insanity?

The Call is actually not an entirely new premise. I remember watching it along with two other films. The first of course is the Cellular, stars Chris Evans and Jason Statham. The film does have a premise of a woman who asked for help via telephone. On the other hand, the continues moving cars and a figure of teenage girl Casey who is asking for help, immediately reminds me of the movie Stolen from Nicolas Cage who also had to rescue his daughter who had been locked in the trunk of a moving car. The combination of both of those movies turned out to produce a thriller that is quite solid throughout the film.

Halle Berry and Abigail Breslin as the two main characters in this movie have acting very nicely as per the portion of each. Berry role here does not need to act more than just sheer panic and dismay. Likewise Abigail Breslin who has now grown into a teenager. This movie is not really challenging for her acting ability more than just yelling and fear alone. I'm still waiting for the movie to explore the potential of acting of Breslin who was one of the brightest young stars.

The criminal or the kidnapper played by Michael Eklund, an actor who is more famous in the realm of TV than the big screen. I personally could not see him acting in which his appearance and quasi screaming psychopath just feel too redundant. It's not easy to show the figure of a sadistic villain and cold. Eklund may have learned more from the legendary criminal figures sorts of Anthony Hopkins in The Silence of the Lambs or Se7en by Kevin Spacey if he wants to act with similar roles in the future.

If there are things I regret from this thriller that is the ending too cliche. It looks like the director and the writer want Halle Berry to get a bigger acting role, but unfortunately, ended up being the logic holes that disrupt the film.

In final words, the Call is a common thriller film but executed in good ways. She is no better than some of the episodes in TV crime series with a slightly larger budget and a longer running time. Well at least, Halle Berry found success again through this film so it will hopefully be push her career in the future.

Director: Brad Anderson
Actors: Abigail Breslin, Halle Berry

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Nicky Wattson
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Posted on Apr 25, 2016

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