Review of "An Unreasonable Man" Documentary of Ralph Nader

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The 2006 documentary "An Unreasonable Man" explores the exceptional life of consumer advocate and political figure Ralph Nader. For whatever reason the opinions of Ralph Nader have been shaded by modern politics and popular pundants.

The 2006 documentary "An Unreasonable Man" explores the exceptional life of consumer advocate and political figure Ralph Nader. For whatever reason the opinions of Ralph Nader have been shaded by modern politics and popular pundits.  This film explores the extraordinary life of Ralph Nader from his work that brought us better regulations today to the opposition to his career.

The film was funded and produced by Kevin O'Donnell who was a writer for the television sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond".  O'Donnell does a nice job taking a neutral standpoint on political issues and letting the interviewees tell the story in this documentary about Nader's extraordinary work beginning with automotive safety.  In fact the work of Ralph Nader against the auto giants resulted in seat belts and air bag mandates in the United States.  it is interesting how much of Ralph Nader's early work is forgotten by the mass of society and one of the things that make this documentary a valuable film for American history.

Over thirty years of consumer advocacy Ralph Nader achieved a list of accomplishments with the Food and Drug Administration and Federal Trade Commission on his own merit that any presidential candidate would love to have on his or her resume.  The film follows Nader and his team as they researched tireless hours fighting for perceived injustices.

The film style is unique by getting many first hand interviews with Nader throughout the modern era and many historical film clips to put events in context.  There are a good variety of interview subjects that bring balanced views both for and against Ralph's actions.  In fact the film even brings staunch oppositional views and people who are furious about their perceptions of Nader's political career.

This documentary does excellent background research into the career of Nader and Nader's Raiders and cover a series of significant changes like warnings on medications that are due in large part or in entirety to Nader's commitment to public safety.  More figures like this would be good in a world of such power by large corporations to keep the consumer's best interest in mind.

The film is a nice piece of historical artifact and modern American history.  It is insightful without being pushy and I find that An admirable film trait.


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